The ID880H and the IC80AD both use the same programming cable and the same 
software.  The Icom software has a pulldown menu at the top to choose whether 
you are working with the 880 or the 80.  All the programming parameters are the 
same for both radios.  Once you have entered programming information into the 
software, you can load the same file into both radios just by selecting the 
correct radio from the top menu.  You can also download the programming from an 
880 and load it into the 80, or vice-versa.

73 de Tim, AF1G

---- Dan Smith <> wrote: 

> Are the 80D and 880 icf convertible between each other ?  I see where
> Chirp works with the 880 - steve

Having never laid hands on an ID-80 before, I'm not sure at what level
they are "the same".  It's possible that they have different memory
formats (as do all the other radios) but that the software can read them
both.  It's also possible that they truly use the same memory format
entirely, although I doubt it.

Dan Smith


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