WOW! That is interesting, and I did not know.

So instead of via DDNS, I can use his, and get a
SSL cert?


This does point to the one problem I have with D-Star. Information
fragmentation, it's all over the place, one group for this, another for
that, etc.  What group is for Dplus?


Thank You so much!




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On Sep 2, 2010, at 1:50 PM, Gary wrote:




We really haven't used it for anything else, and have no plans to, with the
exception of putting a real SSL cert so users no longer have to deal with
the warnings.


You know that Robin (AA4RC) has purchased a wildcard for
and provides SSL certificates free in the form of
(e.g for the asking ... tell him the CNAME or A
record you need created.


If you are using Dynamic DNS because of a non-static IP, just use one of the
free Dynamic DNS services and have him create a CNAME record.


Turn around is quite fast.



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