I just changed ISP from EE to Vodafone. The headline message here is
DON'T GO TO VODAFONE! -for so many reasons that are mostly beyond the
remit of this forum, so I'll stick with the Duet.

My Duet system has worked perfectly for years. Moreover the Logitech
server - I have two, one running on my ReadyNAS server and one running
on a Windows 10 PC, work perfectly too. I can play music from either
source to both the Duet and to my Samsung smart TV. Then I changed ISP
and got a Vodafone broadband router like this one:
Now nothing works. To be specific, the Duet controller: it can see the
WiFi beacon and will 'connect' insofar as the WiFi password is accepted
and it can 'see' the name of the music library on the target machine.
However, it cannot connect to the library. Either library. By way of an
additional diagnostic, the Samsung TV gets one step further - it gets to
see a ist of artists and albums, and can play any one song, after which
the router completely disconnects from the TV and won't be 'seen' again
unless I power cycle the TV and get it to look for it again.

I've looked a lot on the Vodafone forum for this issue and it seems it's
been running a long time. Between 2015 and 2017 I find messages from
people speculating that the firmware in the Vodafone router has a bug
that prevents it from implementing DLNA. The most recent message is from
a guy whose Sonos system won't work with it either. Some say maybe
there's a bad batch of these routers, since, it is rumoured, some people
have got it working. Personally, I have a Masters in Comp Sci and 35
years working in networked multimedia and I can't get it working to save
my life. However, it's always possible that 'that thing' I don't know is
THE thing that will persuade this piece of cr*p to work after all.
Meanwhile no, Vodafone won't tell their customers what the login
credentials are so I can't switch back to the reliable EE router; I'm
stick with the VF dog.

This is one for any Duet Ninja's out there I fear. I have tried
everything I can think of - changing channel numbers, frequency range
changes, blood sacrifices to the Sun Gods etc but getting the Duet to
talk to this brick isn't happening. So - constructive suggestions

Thank you in advance, Ninja's all!

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