Dear Timo,

please find the terminal output of make test_1p_1p attached to this e-mail.

Also thank you for the hint, I have rebuild the build-cmake folder with the 
optic.opts option file now (the output when trying to build test_1p_1p is still 
the same).


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On 15.05.2018 17:43, wrote:
Dear Timo,

Thank you very much for the hints.

I know what you mean with the different versions and branches now, but I used 
dune1 and dune2 in the email because I wasn't sure which dune and dumux 
versions I was actually using.

I now downloaded the newest versions of dune and dumux (dune 2.6 and dumux 
2.12, as "git clone -b releases/3.0-git"; dumux did not 
work), and switched to the branch you mentioned (feature/multidomain-on-3.0).

I think that as you said this will resolve the stupid problems I was having. I 
seem to have some troubles when compiling everything with 
"./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --opts=dumux/debug.opts all " though, the 
build-cmake folder etc. is build without errors, but when entering 
/build-cmake/test/multidomain/embedded/1d3d/1p_1p or 1p_richards, I am getting 
many errors when compiling with "make test_1p_1p" or "make test 1p_richards".

Hi Berk,

there is no release branch yet for 3.0 because it's not released yet. The 
branch is simply called master. The branch with the multidomain code is 
feature/multidomain-on-3.0 as you noticed correctly.

Can you attach the output of make test_1p_1p?

BTW using the debug option file will produce very slow code. You can also use 
the optim.opts option file and then switch setting the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE 
variable for the specific application you want to debug.
To this end add set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug) in the CMakeLists.txt of the 
application. Analogously,  set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Release) will use compiler 
flags that produce optimized binaries.


Do you have any ideas why this is happening ?

Thank you again for the help.


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Betreff: Re: [DuMuX] Couple tracer model with 1p_1p test

Hi Berk,

a small addition:

the multidomain branch (feature/multidomain-on-3.0) has been updated today to 
the master branch version (3.0-git). You can look at the

1ptracer test on branch master (or also on feature/multidomain-on-3.0) 

and the 1p_1p test on branch feature/multidomain-on-3.0 
Maybe this resolves some of the interface changes you were talking about.

Please make sure that your Dumux version is correct (3.0-git) and compatible 
with your Dune version (2.6 release).


On 11.05.2018 15:48, Timo wrote:
Dear Berk,

it's a bit hard to follow. There is no dune1 and dune2. The newest release of 
Dune is Dune 2.6 for example. But the Dune version has nothing to do with the 
Dumux version. The branch the 1p_1p test is on is based on Dumux version 3.0 
and the 1ptracer test is available on the master branch (also Dumux 3.0). These 
are unstable branches and the release will be around July. The latest release 
brach is 2.12 but it doesn't have the mixeddimensional 1d3d problem you are 
looking for yet. 

I'm working on a very similar model than your and yes this is no problem as I 
tried to explain in my previous mail. So which interfaces changed? And where do 
you think you need major changes?

Here again is short what you have to do:
Follow the 1ptracer example except in the first step you solve the 1p_1p 
problem. Then compute the fluxes and sources. The solve a tracer_tracer problem 
for the oxygen transport. The tracer_tracer problem will be similar to the 
1p_1p problem except the subproblems (tissue/vessel) use the tracer model 
instead of the 1p model. 


Am 11.05.2018 um 13:42 schrieb <> <>:

Dear DuMux developers,

When trying to couple the tracer model (localized in 
/dune2/dumux/test/porousmediumflow/tracer/1ptracer) with the 1p_1p test case 
(localized in /dune1/dumux/test/mixeddimension/embedded/1p_1p), I realized that 
these two models are in different versions of dumux, and that the functions 
used in the tracer model-code (in dune2 for me) are not defined anywhere in the 
dune1 version.

This basically means for me, that there is no way of using this tracer model in 
the dune version I am actually using, without rewriting all the code necessary 
for every function the tracer problem uses.

Am I getting this right ? Did anyone ever successfully couple the tracer model 
to another model in a different dune version with or without making major 
changes ?

Thank you very much in advance.

Berk Nergiz
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