On 2020-01-09 18:25, Kenneth Loafman wrote:

> Gave up and swapped to Python3 for snaps.  It works now. 
> As to what was happening, I don't know, I can't reproduce it.

Great that you turned around a fix so quickly. Are we happy enough with
Python 3 for backends etc that we want to throw that straight out into
Stable or should we keep stable as the 0.8.08 version while we beta test
the Python 3 snap? I suppose we've at least had some testing of
duplicity on Python 3 from the distros dropping Python 2. 

If it would be helpful, I would be happy to volunteer to be more
involved in the testing and release process of snaps through channels to
give a second pair of eyes/small amount more QA. 

We could do something with the snap channels like the following: 

        * Reserve Edge for bleeding edge like automatically created snaps from
        * You (Kenneth) put new releases into Beta.
        * I could run some basic tests (I have the beginnings of some scripts
that run tests in bare lxc containers to catch missing undeclared
dependencies etc) and, if all looks good, promote them from Beta into
        * We could leave these sitting in Candidate for at least a week or so.
If I know these have had some initial tests then I'm happy to switch
some of my boxes to this track. Hopefully others on the team will, too.
Then we will catch any major issues (like this) before any Stable users.
        * When/If you think appropriate, you can advance any candidates to

Up to you, of course. My intention is to keep you in control of both
adding new snaps and releasing to stable, but giving one additional set
of checks/pair of eyes before hitting anyone's production boxes. I think
Snaps are a great distribution mechanism for us, but it does mean
there's no distro testing/QA/beta process between us and our users and
we need to take a bit more of that responsibility. 

Thanks for your work fixing this. 

Kind regards, 

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