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> I recently switched from dwm to xmonad. 
> I did not like the rigid constraint on a certain number of code lines.
> The resulting way of doing it with patches in my opinion is not
> very sincere. I needed only two - and they did not match.

I don't see any "rigid" constraint, as for SLOC, we are now pretty far
from 2k SLOC as current dwm has ~1.5k SLOCs. I personaly see this limit
as only expression of something like: we don't want dbus etc etc.

> Though I do not know haskell at all I find it very simple to configure
> xmonad, took me an hour or so to get things done.
> But on the other hand being no coder I do not fit into the dwm target
> group anyhow. ;)
> henry


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