The confirmed perecentage for Logbook of the World will go up in time, as more amateurs use it.
There is a perception that signing up for LotW is extremely difficult, and certain parties berate everyone on this score.  (I think the biggest complaint is that signing up for LotW is considered, right or wrong, to be more difficult than getting on-line access to your bank or credit card accounts.  Which I think says more about the lack of security on too many banking and credit systems, but that's another story).  While the sign-up procedure could be streamlined, I never found it onerous. 
Many DX stations complain that they dislike having to send the ARRL proof of license, something not required of US amateurs -- but that's because the US amateurs are listed in the ULS, and many overseas government licensing authorities don't maintain a system anywhere near as detailed or effective as the FCC ULS is.  And, of course, some DX don't have access to the Internet, or even a computer system, both of which make LotW a moot point for them.  (And yes, there are many volunteers to act as QSL managers for these stations, or to help them upload their logs, but that's getting off the main point).  Funny thing is, many of these stations have AG status on the system, which also requires sending in proof of license... makes you wonder, how come it's no problem when it's someone else's system, but a big problem when the system belongs to the ARRL?  (And by funny coincidence, many of these complaining are firmly in the anti-ARRL camp, but I guess we're not supposed to notice that?  Ooops, I'm digressing, there I go again...)
The thing is, once you've signed up for LotW, you're done.  You just have to renew the certificate periodically (currently every 3 years, I believe), all of which can be done electronically or on-line.
Give it time. 
73, ron w3wn
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I was just sending out some DX QSL cards and did some quick calculations on percent return for my effort. Now these are my numbers and my opinion and certainly may not reflect the  ham community in general.
The terms I use are:
PRICE = what it costs me to get a card
USAGE = my uninformed guess at how many DX hams use this method
TIME = how long it takes me to get a confirmation
CONVENIENCE = how easy it is for me to use this method
% QSO's CONFIRMED = how many of my total DX QSO's have been confirmed by this method
By the way, I QSL 100% all DX QSO's. All by the Bureau and also LOTW. Direct only for those I deem important for some reason and I include SASE, postage and contribution when appropriate.
The numbers are:
LOTW - price= cheapest, usage = not many, time = fastest method, convenience = OK but could be better, % QSO's confirmed < 10%
BUREAU - price = reasonable, usage = most, time = years, convenience = easiest to use, % QSO's confirmed ~ 33%
DIRECT - price = very expensive (but if you need the card?), usage = most DX  will respond to a direct request, time = weeks to months but never years, convenience = a lot of work, % QSO's confirmed = I get return on 99% of cards I send out direct
Maybe this is not worth the bandwidth I used but as N2ERN says I am just wasting a few electrons not some trees.
I know that a lot of DX stations do not like LOTW for some reasons but it sure can makes my life easier.
73, John - K2AZ

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