In light of recent events, I've been asked to remind everyone that only the
administrators of DX CHAT -- that is, myself; Steve KF2TI; and Urb W2DEC --
enforce NJDXA policies towards posts on the reflector.  [Steve & Urb also do
so on DX NEWS.  I do not there, only here.]

If you have an issue in the future with the nature of a post, please bring
it to our attention before replying to the group.  I'm not saying you can't
disagree, of course, at least within the rules of the reflector.  But if you
feel the content itself is inappropriate -- such as significantly off topic
or non-amateur related, for examples -- let us know and we will handle the

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  And for those in ITU
Region 2, enjoy Field Day!  (I'll be at the N3SH/WA3SH site doing the
graveyard shift)

73, ron w3wn
administrator, dx chat

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