> I thought it might be interesting to wrap this into a future column of
> WorldRadio.  If you have a memorable DX QSO, I'd like to hear about it.
> What made it memorable for you?

Might have told this story on here, but here it is again if I did.

So it's an afternoon in January 1999, my fourth year as a ham.  I'm a
sophomore in college home at my parents' house for winter break and I've got
all the time in the world to do some DXing.  At the end of summer 1998 I'd
put up a little two element homebrew beam for 10m, and the band is pretty
good with the sunspots on the uptick.

I'm tuning around 10m with the little beam pointed WSW because I know the
Pacific guys come in.  I'm kicked back in my chair, I think with feet up on
the desk, twirling the VFO knob.

All of a sudden... *crack!* ... something lets go in the chair and I nearly
fall over backwards on the floor.  Some bolt pulled out of the bottom of the
seat or something; cheap office furniture... but it's what I like to sit on,
so I go get some tools out of the workbench and start working on lashing it
back together.

There I am, sitting on the floor fixing my chair, when I hear a CQ, not
quite zero beat on the frequency where I stopped tuning when I fell over,
but totally readable.

A few seconds later I have Terry, VP6TY, in the log for an all time new


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