The easiest and quicker way is to go to File>awards and in valid modes for DXCC uncheck rtty, psk and possible other digital modes. Then you will see under dxcc reports only ft8 qsos count for your digital DXCC. This way you will have a note for new mode (blue colour) in clusters when a new ft8 qso is appeared.

One more permanent solution would be what PY2YP suggests. I will try to explain how to do this:

In QSO window: Filter>Edit Group names

write a name, something like FT8 QSOs and press add. You will see a group number. Mine is 011. Press ok.

Do a search for ft8 qsos (F8): press F8 write ft8 in Mode box and press enter

Then in QSO window go to QSO>Multiple QSO operations>Set group number. Write the mumber you got above and press enter. All ft8 qsos will go to the new group number

Then you need to make a selection

In QSO window go to Filter>Selection

In the new window press add. Then write a name where it says "Replace this name", lets say ft8. Check ft8 group, check group filter and press update and the ok.

Now you have only ft8 qsos count for your dxcc. Every time you want to see your DXCC totals with only ft8 qsos, you need to go to Filter>selection and choose the ft8 selection you made. If you want to see again your total numbers you need to come back again to 000 selection named All QSOs.

73 Kostas SV1DPI
PS I hate ft8 and the fact that counts for DXCC. Sorry...
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