Greetings. . .

Upon launching DX4WIN (8.05) this morning, the program had trouble launching 
and I lost all resident data in the program. . my various settings including my 
address, location, radio settings, etc.  All selectable settings and parameters 
were erased.  Fortunately, my log file was intact.  After getting things 
re-entered and things more or less back to normal I have an apparent issues 
with countries worked.     I have worked and confirmed all countries but after 
getting DX4WIN back up an going I have three countries that show as still 
needed:   EZ, P5, and ZS8.  However, I have confirmed QSOs for all three 
countries.  I have looked at the countries database and the respective QSOs but 
all appears to be in order.  Somehow seems the QSOs are not getting mapped back 
to the country database.  Anyone have ideas what might be happening?

Thank you and 73. . . Dave, W0FLS
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