Under Awards>dxcc you need to check the valid bands and modes. I suspect that some bands or modes are missed.

...73 de Kostas SV1DPI
  (One of SZ1A-EP6T)

Στις 13/1/2018 8:36 μμ, ο daraym...@iowatelecom.net έγραψε:
Mike. . thank.   I have already updated the country file via AD1C's updater program.  I will save the .cfg file (good idea) but don't know what else to do.      73. . .Dave, W0FLS

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Hello Dave,

I don't know enough to say how this may have happened, but...

Your personal settings are in dx4win.cfg which is in the \Save directory.
Since you have already entered your data again, make a copy of this file and
save it someplace safe.  Download and install the latest version of the
country file, dx4win.cty, preferably using AD1C's data updater program.

If that doesn't work, Paul or Jim will have to help out.  GL.

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