ok, newbie to FT8.  Made my first FT8 Qso last night, I think (lol)

WSJT has the CAT control of my FTdx5000, so when I bring up DX4win, I get
the com error, and just close it a move on, so that DX4Win comes up and
runs normally without CAT radio control.
Not sure if this ok or not, but seems no harm no foul.

My PC is running XP,  DX4Win v9, and WSJT.

A few questions:

1), I just did an 'off line' QSO addition to the log file in DX4Win.  Is
that how it is done, manually every time?  Since you can't 'grab' the WSJT
QSO information with a click to import into DX4Win.

2). I just logged this qso as FT8, with 599s each way.
Did not log the db received information that WSJT provided, I assume that
599 is not the way to report the FT8 levels.

3.)  Do you just log all FT8 QSOs in WSJT, and then Export / Import the
WSJT adi file into DX4Win? (just like you would do for N1MM+ etc)
a.)  If yes what does the RST send and received look like in DX4Win for
this import? Is there a SCREEN shot I could reference somewhere to visually
look at?

b.)  Is yes, after the import into DX4Win, do you go back into WSJT and
clear the .adi log, so that next export / import you don't get a duplicate
message in DX4Win?

4.) I have been reading about JTalert, this program seems to have the
ability to provide a logging 'channel' between WSJT and some other logging
programs. Does or will DX4Win have this capability?  Is so is there
documentation available for setup?

5.) Lastly I did see Jim's W10 script for moving qso automatically from
WSJT into DXWin, would that work on XP platform?

Thanks in advance for responses, please do a REPLY ALL, so everyone can
read your responses to my Qs above.

73's Ed

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