On 25-Feb-18 19:12, Thomas Schwinn wrote:
  I operated as an Out of State participant in both the North and South 
Carolina QSO parties this weekend. I used N1MM+ for these contests and 
afterwards used Jim's ADIF to DX4WIN conversion utility to put the logs in a 
.dxq format.
In both QSO parties there were stations operating on county lines and this 
caused a problem with DX4WIN.  To clarify, when I say operating on county lines 
I mean that the station would provide two or more counties during one QSO.
The import operation with DX4WIN would stop as soon as it got to one of these 
county line entries.
An example of an error message from the SC QSO Party:
Import aborted because of duplicate QSOCall=W4CAE Date=24/02/1810 QSO's were 
readNo simple errors processedNo zone exceptionsNo country exceptionsOne 
duplicate QSO was ignoredNo exception records were addedNo errors found
W4CAE was the first station I worked in the SC QSO Party that was operating on 
more than one county line.  The frequency and time for each county line entry 
for W4CAE (and others like this)were the same but the county for each entry was 
DX4WIN ver 7
These two QSO parties are the first ones I've entered since upgrading to ver 9 
that had stations operating on county lines.  I don't recall a problem with Ver 
8 processing county line QSO's.

I think the problem may be that DX4Win assumes that if you're importing a QSO with the same callsign on the same band at the same time, it is a duplicate and proceeds to ignore the second one. Since N1MM+ time stamps seconds for QSOs, maybe adjusting the "Time window to match QSO in secs (my logs)" down from 60 (default) to 1 or 2 will do the trick. This is done in Preferences -> Import tab.


Zoran WA7AA
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