My log with over 138,000 Qs is now showing 51 states when I run the WAS
summary or listing reports.  The listing report shows a line after WY at the
very bottom of the report.  There are a bunch of weird characters in the St
field and the State name field on this last row.  Then there are Cs in the
boxes for Mix, Pho, CW, Dig, 80 and 40.  When I try to click on one of the
Cs, there is an error message that says "No Matching QSO Found".  Once I
click OK to remove the error message, I get a blank QSO window except for
the State field which is filled in with the letters SL.  The S is red and
the L is black.  If I try to hit F2 and do a search for SL in the State
field, I get nothing.


It is apparent that there is a corrupted QSO in the database, but the
question is how do I find it and delete it?  Any ideas would be appreciated.




Dave, N4QS

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