I am having RTTY problems all of a sudden here. Using DX4WIN version along with MMTTY 1.68. The stand alone MMTTY program is set up for FSK in the set up menu on COM port 7 . This works great in Writelog and used to in DX4WIN. Now when I hit one of the message keys in MMTTY it just sends a steady carrier.... checking the setup it shows no FSK available and only SOUND checked.... so I think this is where my problem is! I see no way in DX4WIN to change this behavior or in MMTTY. I am using a MicroHam 2 with router software and all are set to COM port 7 and up until a few days ago this all worked great Something has changed but I don't know how to fix it. Bug in DX4WIN maybe? Any help/advice would be appreciated! Thanks, Cort K4WI
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