I suggest to upload the entire log.

You need to be sure that every QSO has eQSL=Y

To do this:

In QSO window: eQSL>Clear eqsl upload date

and then eQSL>Set eqsl upload flag

This will make all the QSOs to be ready for uploading

If you want to upload only a part, you need to make a search between dates:

Be sure that in file>preferences>QSO the QSO Date=Range

Then fit F8 and write the 2 dates (start and end)

and then the above procedure.

Then eQSL>Export to eqsl. Name the file and upload it to eqsl.

You will have been asked if you want to clear flags, etc.

Answer yes... (this will write the upload to eqsl date in you log and will set the eqsl flag to N.

73 Kostas SV1DPI

Στις 3/6/2020 14:56, ο Luc έγραψε:
Greetings to all.
I have just registered in e-QSL and I would like to know, how the e-QSL log
is imported to DX4WIN, I suppose that the first time it will be necessary
to import the entire ADIF file, but in successive steps how is the
Is there a way to do it, so that it only loads the last ones and not the
whole file?

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