After thinking about all of the problems with the WSJT-X Bridge that
I made, my recommendations would now be:

(1)  If you want to use the “worked before” feature that WSJT-X has
DO NOT USE my Bridge.  

(2)  If you have been using my Bridge and the wsjtx_log.adi is deleted - BUT,
no info is logged into DXbase2007 - DO NOT USE my Bridge. And you can use
the wsjtx.log file to manually input your QSOs that you have already made up to 
that point.

(3)  If you DO NOT care about the "worked before" feature - And, you have
been successful in auto-logging QSOs into DXbase2007 using my WSJT-X
Bridge - and, you WANT to still use my Bridge -- pse use it.

(4)  If in doubt - DO NOT USE my WSJT-X Bridge.

Guys - I am REALLY SO SORRY about this!!  It was MY BAD and I surely do have

73 Joe wa6axe

Joseph Glockner

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