>1) their e-gold account was frozen by e-gold

Most likely e-gold has put a "Value Limit" on their account.  You can verify this by 
previewing a spend to their account.  If you get a message stating "This would exceed 
target accounts balance limit" then it is indeed a "Value Limit".

>2) my question: Is it possible to make a spend to a frozen account?

With a value limit, the balance of the account can not increase but the account holder 
can take the money out or spend it.

>3) It has been since early January of the frozen >status of their account,

>hypothetically speaking why would e-gold take this >long to unfreeze their

>account as their claim is they have done everything to >comply with e-gold.

e-gold will usually take the value limit off as soon as the account holder has 
provided proper identification.

    Khurram Khan

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