BPAY using billers can very very easily accept e-gold for payment.
Billers using BPAY currently display a Biller Code and a Customer
Reference Number, e.g. 3061 for Optus Long Distance, and 10375858000119
is my Customer Reference Number, so that when I enter these into my
online banking or telephone banking and authorise payment, Optus Long
Distance knows its me who has made the payment.

All such billers need to do to accept payment in e-gold is include on
their bill under How to Pay:
Spend your payment to e-gold account number ###### and put only the
number 10375858000119 in the memo field.

i.e. billers simply use the BPAY customer reference number to identify
the payment. Non-compliant payment could simply be returned to the
account from which they came (less the spend fee). 

Nothing could be more simple. Just add around 20 words to the bill.

David Hillary

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