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>Subject: Re: and wouldn't TWC be to die for!
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>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 17:11:56 +1100
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>>    This just doesn't work.  While MM's may be able to attract small mom and
>pop shops and individuals, they can not attract large business.
>>    Coming from a MM, is sounds like a sales pitch.  "Hey I sell this stuff,
>so can you accept it"  Coming from the company that issues the stuff can be
>a little different then the everyday telemarketing sales pitch.
>>      Khurram Khan
>Essentially correct.  But to do this corrctly e-gold would need  to take on
>a top flight marketing guru, preferrable one who is recognised in the
>marketing and retail industries.
>They do not cost pennies  so it depends just how far e-gold are prepared to
>go to promote to the larger retailers and merchants.
>A couple of emails here or there will not cut it.
>A concerted effort  to create:
>1.    Exposure
>2.    Percieved need
>3.    Economical application
>is required.
>Kind regards,

*It will take far more than this.  Most of us are involved with 
e-gold for philosophical reasons.  Some for ease of use.  But if you 
believe that John Consumer is going to pay anywhere from 5-10% to 
convert his money into gold, something he doesn't begin to 
understand, just for the convenience of paying his electricity or 
cable bill, you're living in a dream world.  Conversion makes a nice 
living for the MMs; it's highly expensive for the users.

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