Hi Fred and George:

I also had similar troubles at the other end when trying to set up some free
"Net Anywhere" accounts and it was finally cleared up after a few email
exchanges and fixes. There is a apparently debugging going on yet on the
site -- all part of a start up process, but of especially crucial concern to
anyone thinking of entrusting their gold deposits there.

My problem was responded to and resolved promptly and sincerely by the
Standar Reserve support staff. Soon these things hassles should fade away.

Best regards,

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> At 06:23 PM 3/2/2001 -0800, Fred wrote:
> >I tried setting up a Merchant Account with Standard Reserve and got
> >but error messages.  They told me that my account name was already taken.
> >This, no matter what  account name I used.  I really doubt if "Painful
> >Rectal Itch" was taken.
> >
> >Anyone have any suggestions on who else to go to to get a Merchant
> Hi Fred:
> Sorry you experienced some difficulty with the merchant
> account.  I don't know what happened, as I do know we are signing
> up merchants.  I am cc'ing Loryn Jenkin, who is our COO/CTO and I
> am asking him to look into this issue, and get back to you ASAP.
> Needless to say, we value you as a merchant, and I will follow up
> to be sure that this issue is taken care of.
> George
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