That is a brilliant idea to create an e-gold exchange, Vincent. This may be
something I can do with my domain. I am familiar with The Island
ECN and have always wanted to do something like that. I am also a Datek user
and think they do a great job.

My domain will also link into this site so that people and
businesses can borrow and lend against e-gold denominated accounts, and can
hold fiat currency denominated accounts which are convertible between any of
the currencies including the e-metals.

I intend to also add (further down to track) the raising of share capital
for transnational companies denominated in gold so that the exchange can
actually trade company shares and so that new commercial ventures can look
to gold capital instead of (or in addition to) USD capital on NASDAQ or NYSE
and so on.

The exchange of capital shares would also be a small beginning, just as the
original London Stock Exchange, which met for many years in a coffee shop.

Of course, at this stage several people on this list, some with money, and
some with relatively little money, are likely to already be planning to put
various amounts of effort into achieving such a thing. This is only to be
expected in a competitive market. Right now the best 'market' I know for
e-gold is to make your bids and offers to this list!

Ian Green

on 5/3/01 7:34 pm, Vincent Youngs at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I haven't done any kind of research into how to create an exchange, but I came
> across some info that could be useful to somebody who wants to. <SNIP>

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