For anybody interested in exchange development, I've been doing a little
research.  Here are a few links that may or may not be of some minimal

Here is an article about hiring open source programmers to do a job at a
fraction of the cost.  This would most likely be the cheapest way to get
exchange software developed (though the result would be open source).,1199,NAV47_STO43930,00.html

Here is an article about banking system software that has been released as
open source.  Might be useful for an exchange.

Here is an article about B2B exchanges.  There are many categories of
exchanges discussed, but one category is "many to many" Nasdaq style
exchanges, as well as the current vendors offering software for B2B
exchanges of that type.  Perhaps one of these vendors' many to many type
exchange software could be adapted for an e-gold exchange.

Here is another article about B2B exchanges, even less directly relevant
to an e-gold exchange, but of interest is the predictions about the
proliferation and consolidation of exchanges, and the lowering of
transaction fees as a result of competition between exchanges and increase
in trading volume.  That would apply to competing e-gold exchanges also. 
The first exchange can charge high transaction fees, but when there are a
few competing exchanges, the transaction fees will come down.

~ Vincent

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