Thank you for the advice.  I'm just wondering...where can I find the
original source and header files for the epic2 program so that I can modify
these?  All I have are the .hex files.

With thanks,

On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 8:29 AM, Julien Hubert <julien.hub...@epfl.ch> wrote:

> Hi Colleen,
> I can't help you much with the third motor but I can tell you about epic2.
> Epic2 uses BTCom as an interface between the e-puck and Matlab. So, if you
> add a third motor, you will need to modify BTCom to add a command to
> activate that motor.
> Once you modified BTCom, ePic2 has a function to send custom commands to
> the e-puck without having to reprogram everything. If for instance the
> command to activate your new motor is "A, <speed of the motor>" then you can
> activate the motor with those commands:
> 1) ePic = set(ePic, 'custom', 'A, <speed of the motor>');
> 2) ePic = activate(ePic, 'custom', 2);
> 3) ePic = update(ePic);
> 4) returned_value = get(ePic, 'custom');    % If your command returns
> something
> This way is probably the easiest but you have to create the string with the
> command yourself. Otherwise you can reprogram ePic completely by modifying
> the commands set, update, get and activate. You would also need to add the
> necessary variables to ePicKernel.m. It's possible that the syntax is not
> right as I programmed that long time ago and I'm not using ePic those days.
> Here is now, from the top of my head, how I would add a third motor. I'm
> not an engineer but I have been involved in the design of a few turrets
> before. You will need to create a new turret to replace the top one. As the
> number of lines are all taken on the dsPic of the e-puck, you will need to
> sacrifice a sensor or a receiver and put the lines to command your motor
> instead. I assume the motor line is analog so you might need to sacrifice
> the accelerometer (the least used one). If you need everything, you can also
> add another pic to your new turret and command the motor from the dsPic
> through I2C.
> Hope everything will be fine with your motor.
> Cheers,
> Julien
> On 5 mars 09, at 20:34, Colleen Fryer wrote:
>  All:
>> I am trying to add a third stepper motor to the e-puck.  I think that I
>> will need to remove the current ejumperprod board and create a new one with
>> my control of the motor.  Is this a correct assumption?  I'm using the epic2
>> Matlab software to communicate with the epuck...how can I modify the
>> software to manipulate the third motor?  Any hints or recommendations?
>> I could really use help.
>> Thanks,
>> Colleen
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