Dear Michael, 

in my experience, if you try to detect the back led of a robot with the camera 
of another one, you can
expect a perception range of 20cm max, and that depends on the algorithm you 
use, and the light conditions of your experiments.
We had best results with RGB to HSV conversion + segmentation, in low light 

IRs are a bit more tricky, if you don't modify the e-puck body and stay with 
the transparent one, you may
detect robots at 2cm, but if you put some reflective tape around the e-puck 
body, you can reach ~15cm.

hope this helps,
alexandre campo.

On Tue, 08 Sep 2009 15:21:29 +0200
Michael Kreuzwieser <> wrote:

> Dear people,
> we maybe want to set up a few e-puck who find each other and follow one 
> leader in a line.
> So communication will be with the LED + IR.
> What maximum distance will be realistic for a detection of another robot?
> Any experiences?
> Thank you
> Michael

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