I would say putting the robot in sleep during camera acquisition is not a good idea and not very useful. It is the robot microcontroller (uC) doing most of the acquisition (in its library) and setting the flag ready when the image is in the uC memory. during sleep also timers are off. However you have several sleep modus where you can decide what periphery is on. coming out of sleep is done via external actions, realtime clock interrupt, running timers explicity leaved on at sleep, and maybe some other stuff. you nedd to read carefully the uC datasheet to use that feature.


On 20:59, Duarte Dias wrote:

I want the e-puck to go to sleep while the camera is doing its capture.

For this I use an interrupt timer for TMR1 that should wake up the e-puck to see if the capture was already done. If not set new timer and go back to sleep. If capture is done, send and stop sleeping.

When I use SLEEP() function on e_epuck_ports.h the robot does go to sleep but the timer will not call the Interrupt function upon time expiration. At least it does not send nothing through the bluetooth. If the I take off the sleep, evrything works fine.

What could be wrong? And how to UNSLEEP the epuck?

Thanks in advance.

Duarte Dias

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