I have an e-puck program that captures images (timers 4,5), moves the robot
(timers 2,3), periodically generates odometry measurments (timer 1),
process captured image and sends a small buffer with results (48 bytes) to
bluetooth after the capture is done (I do not wait for the transmission to
be complete). The odometry measurments are processed while the capture is
being done (while we wait for the end of the capture).

All works well speratly (just capture, only movement with odometry, etc),
but when I plug all of this together in the main loop, the e-puck starts to
crash and the funxtions generating silly data. Since the functions do not
generate silly data when capture is off, I assume that the problem is when
I plug the capture, and not in the functions.

Does the camera has some problems with capture, while doing more stuff in
between the capture, ex. moving (other timer events), performing operations
(while wating for the end of the capture), etc.?

If not the camera, what could be the problem?

Duarte Dias
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