Hello guys,

I am using 2 E-Puck, both with the "Range and Bearing Board" extension.

I have problems interpreting the distance-value, i get from the board. The manual says the function "e_randb_get_range" "Returns unsigned int: Range to emitter". But when using it, for example with the code provided in the GCtronic Wiki or the code provided at e-puck.org, the recieved value starts at about 2000 at 1cm and decreses non-linear with increasing distance. Still, on other measures i get values above 4000. So i do not know how to work with the values as it would nice to have the physical distance between the robots.

I am using two regular E-Puck, both with the Range and Bearing Board and the E-Jumper on top. The switch on the RANDB (S1) is on default value (all PINs on).

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I hope you can help me. Also I hope I am using this mailing list correctly. :-)


Arthur Peters

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