We are trying to program e-puck robots (serial nos. 10** and 13** resp.) 
using ICD2 and ICD3 programmers on Windows XP with MPLAB IDE (tried 
different versions from v7.6 through v8.2). But we are repeatedly getting 
a warning/error that says something like "invalid target device id, 
expected '0x98, found '0x00' when we connect the ICD with the e-puck. We 
have tested all connections, cables and voltages using multimeter, epuck 
batteries are new and fully charged, epuck is turned on . Through MPLAB 
interface, we made sure that voltages Vdd, etc. on Debugger/Programmer 
settings are OK, all values passed self-test. We also reinstalled drivers 
for MPLAB, downloaded new operating system for MPLAB, etc....all 
suggestions that were mentioned on MPLAB's Webpage on troubleshooting 

If it's of any help to mention...this problem has sort of degenerated over 
time. When the e-pucks and ICD were new (about 3-4 years ago), we used to 
be able to connect and program epucks via ICD everytime. After 1-2 years 
this problem became intermittent, about 6 months ago, the problem became 
the norm and programming would go through OK once in a while. And now, we 
aren't able to program the epucks with ICD2 at all.

At this point, we are looking to see if there are any more things that we 
can try to program the epucks via the MPLAB ICD. 

Thank you in advance,
-Raj Dasgupta

Dr. Prithviraj (Raj) Dasgupta

Director, C-MANTIC Lab (http://cmantic.unomaha.edu)
Director, Doctoral Program Committee - College of IS&T

Mutual of Omaha Endowed Associate  Professor of Computer Science
University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE 68182.

E-mail: pdasgu...@mail.unomaha.edu
URL: http://faculty.ist.unomaha.edu/pdasgupta
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