I know that matlab and bluetooth might be a bit unstable depending on the configuration of matlab version, bluetooth chip and operating system. you can maybe try single steps of connection using the command line and see where it blocks.
Once the port had a problem then the robust way is to restart matlab.

the epic variable is a handle to the open communication port. In matlab you do not need to assign a variable to a specific type. it is automatic. Anyway write do not return something useful for you, it just writes.

You can try to post your questions to the user list.


On 18.05.2012 21:49, Lauren Wizon wrote:
I am working with the e-puck via the ePic2 software for MATLAB. I am having problems with the bluetooth connection and COMXX ports. The connection seems to be quite flaky. Each time I ope n the GUI, the bluetooth port must be removed and then added. If this is not done, MATLAB hangs while attempting to connect to the COMport. When working at the command line, if I create the epic object, and then clear it, I cannot recreate the object without removing and adding the epuck. I know that matlab can crash when disconnecting the e-puck, but have not found anything on this specific problem. Also, I followed the Laboratory A (Introduction to Matlab and the E-puck). I get an error everytime I try to use the write.m function in the following way: epic=write(epic, 'X,4') or any variation with charater parameter. This function has no return type, so I am confused on how to assign it to a variable.
Any feedback to these two issues would be greatly appreciated.
Lauren Wizon
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