Hi Andrea,

I had the same idea some time ago and tried to develop something on the
same direction. My problems were the following:

- The motors on the ePuck are not equipped with encoders. The encoders you
see in the API are only counting the amount of time the motors are driven.
So you could force the wheels to be stopped and the "virtual encoder" will
still be counting. For this the precision of the encoders is low.
- The resolution of the camera makes it difficult to make a triangulation
algorithm. Even with this, this algoritms are mostly based on the angles
between different landmarks. Here it comes again the problem of the
encoders because I was not able to get the angle accurately enough

Well, dont know if I was clear, otherwise ask it!

Hope this helps,


2012/7/18 Andrea Cherubini <andrea.cherub...@lirmm.fr>

> Dear e-puck users,
> I would like to use the e-puck as educational tool for my masters students
> in a tutorial on fusion.
> For instance, I would like to develop a simple localization algorithm
> fusing data from the camera and encoders (or camera and accelerometer).
> I would like to know if any of you has done this with the standard e-puck
> (no extensions), to get a feedback on feasibility (typically in terms of
> sensor performance and framerate).
> Thank you in advance for your precious advice.
> Andrea Cherubini
> Maître de Conférences
> 95 Rue de la Galéra
> 34095 Montpellier Cedex 5 – France
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