I want to do a program for color detection with the epuck. I want to put a
colored sheet in front of the robot, and it must use the camera to
recognize the color (green, red or yellow). I did some tests with RGB, but
I am having problems since the Image I get, when I place the colored sheets
in front of the robot, are just gray images with just a litle of the right
color, which is more intense in the center (but still very litle). Can this
be improved?

Then I remember that could be image saturation, which can be avoided using
YUV, which I think the epuck provides (at least there is a color mode for
it). However, I can't find anywhere the pixel format for the YUV color mode
of the epuck camera. Is it the same of RGB565 (with this I mean 5 bits for
Y, 6 bits for U, 5 bits for V)? Does the camera provide this mode? Is it
reliable enough for this simple task?

Thank you and best regards,
Duarte Dias
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