Dear all

I am attempting to connect my new epuck with webots through bluetooth (my pc 
runs ubuntu 12.04), but I am not able to do this (using a remote connection).

I am following the steps indicated in section "Bluetooth Installation and 
Configuration" of
I have followed the steps for editing rfcomm0, but when I type
sudo rfcomm bind rfcomm0
a second time (even after restarting the pc) I get:
Can't create device: Address already in use
and the pin number is never asked
Also I don t have the file /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf on my system.

Following the same website, when I reach E-puck Prerequisites
I do not see command Tool / Upload to e-puck robot
Guessing this depends on my version of webots (7)
I referred to
where I attempt to upload through the e-puck viewer; However, once again I am 
unable to connect to the robot.
Thanks in advance for your help

Andrea Cherubini
Associate Professor
LIRMM / Université de Montpellier 2

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