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did you put the selector in position 3?
If still the communication timout make sure the robots are programmed with the standard firmware needed by the matlab interface (, anyway the robots are shipped with this firmware.

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Dear e-pic team

Hello, my name is Yin-Chen, I’m a student in University of California Riverside. Our lab purchased several e-puck robots recently and I’m in charge of making it work. But I have encountered some problem when using the Matlab toolbox e-pic, here is what I encountered.

I tried to connect to e-put via Bluetooth connection using e-pic, I can verify and pair with the e-puck using my pc without any problem. But when I tried to connect to e-puck using the e-pick UI, the connection always times out, and I can’t get any sensor data from the e-puck.

I’m sure I have choose the right COM port, the driver for my Bluetooth unit is up to date, my Bluetooth unit is working fine with all of the other Bluetooth equips that I’m using.

I’m using Matlab 2016b with Instrument Control Toolbox under Windows 10 environment.

The situation is, after I click on connect in the e-pic UI, the orange led on the e-puck next to the Bluetooth chip will lit after some time, but after that the workspace of my Matlab start sowing Error message indicating it didn’t receive any sensor data. I tried to connect to e-put using command provided in the documentation, still can’t get any sensor data. I’ve tried e-puck monitor as well, but still same result. The attachment is a screenshot some time after I press connect on the UI, on the left side I have the COM port detail of the Bluetooth connection, hope it would help you verify the problem. Solution or any suggestion are appreciated. Thank you.

Yin-Chen Liu

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