As part of Bug 329646 [1] I've cleaned up the command lifecycle to use
add-ons to properly integrate with the model.  That means an e4 app needs 2
addons in its model to function correctly:

  <addons xmi:id="_XGB3wPZlEd-XstlTZ6nTXg"
  <addons xmi:id="_LK0NgPZmEd-XstlTZ6nTXg"

To run the compatibility layer against HEAD, you need to have the
org.eclipse.platform project checked out into your workspace: org.eclipse.platform R4_HEAD

I'll be making the same changes to the context management and key binding
management over the next little while as well.  I'll post to the list when I
release my changes with the implications (I can think of :-)

Bug 329646 - Keybindings aren't found or shown when run from .jars

Paul Webster
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