Hi Martin,

On 10/10/16 15:09, Martin wrote:
I'm trying to package a software that has its input files "split":

foo.tar.gz.ac <http://foo.tar.gz.ac>

So a cat "foo.tar.gz.* | tar xf -" will do the "right thing"

When I add them too the sources to download EB bails out with "Unknown file type". They are not actually code or need to be compiled but are required for the SW to run properly. And they are specific to a certain version of the software.

What would be the best method to still use those files? Am I missing some kind of "supplementary file" option that let's me handle this more generally with postinstallcmds or something similiar?

You can specify custom unpack commands for sources, you may be able to get away with that...

You'll have to play around with it, but try something this (the '%s' is replaced with the full path of the source file):

sources = [
    # just copy first n-1 sources to build dir
    ('foo.tar.gz.aa', "cp %s ."),
    ('foo.tar.gz.ab', "cp %s ."),
    # copy last source and extract
    ('foo.tar.gz.ac', "cp %s .; cat foo.tar.gz.* | tar xf -"),

Let us know how that works out.



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