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Next conf call is planned for Wed Oct 26th, 5pm CET

On 12/10/16 07:49, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
Dear EasyBuilders,

The next EasyBuild conf call is planned for today, Wed Oct 12th 2016, 5pm CET;
see also .

Current agenda:

* update on RPATH support
* ready for review/testing, see
    * relation with --filter-env-vars=LD_LIBRARY_PATH
* call for testing enhanced bootstrap script
    * auto-skip stage0 when setuptools is already available
* demos in EasyBuild documentation
* Q&A

Suggestions for additional topics are welcome.

Please let me know if you're planning to attend this conf call (e.g. via the Google+ event).

More information about the EasyBuild conf calls is available at .



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