Hi Kenneth,
I just used the default GCC-4.9.2.eb file.

Indeed, I would expect this to be a config parameter.

If I can get a bit of guidance on how to define a new config parameter and then how to use it in the module generation, I don't mind doing a pull request for it.



On 16-08-11 09:37, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
Hi Maxime,

On 11/08/16 15:15, Maxime Boissonneault wrote:

I am looking at modules generated with EasyBuild. I have the following config parameters:

modules-tool: Lmod

For some reason, the GCC module contains a conflict over GCC:
[mboisson@colosse1 easybuild]$ cat modules/all/Core/GCC/4.9.2.lua
prepend_path("MODULEPATH", "/mnt/sda1/maxime/easybuild/modules/all/Compiler/GCC/4.9.2")

Conflicts on module names are unnecessary when using Lmod. I was looking to disable this, and I find that in "module_generator.py", there is already the code which seems aware of this:
475         if self.app.cfg['moduleloadnoconflict']:
476 self.log.info("Nothing to do to ensure no conflicts can occur on load when using Lua modules files/Lmod")

However, it does not seem to work in practice. Is this a bug ?

You should be able to bypass the 'conflict' line from being included by adding 'moduleloadnoconflict' in the easyconfig file you're using.
Are you saying it doesn't?

Why the desire to kick out this conflict statement, it doesn't really hurt to have it there, or does it?

Obviously, this is not ideal when you want to avoid the conflict statement in each and every module that is being generated. For that, a configuration option should be added as well so you can specify this once and for all...



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