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On 23/08/16 20:37, Vanzo, Davide wrote:
Hello fellow easybuilders,
in our cluster we have both Ehternet and RoCE networks and for each of those we need specific configuration flags when building MPI. I noticed that some easyconfig files show "no-OFED" for Ethernet builds but that seems to me a weak naming choice. Is there any plan to rationalize the naming for different networks. On the same thread, how about naming easyconfig packages that contain configuration bindings for specific schedulers (e.g. Slurm)?

Most people simply customize the OpenMPI easyconfig according to their requirements, without actually renaming the module by tweaking the versionsuffix...

Coming up with a versionsuffix that accurately describes the extra features or tweaks that were done to the 'standard' OpenMPI easyconfig is incredibly difficult, and probably not worth the effort.



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