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On 30/08/16 15:56, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
Dear EasyBuilders,

The next EasyBuild conf call is planned for tomorrow, Wed Aug 31st 2016, at 5pm CET.
See also .

Topics I have in mind include:

* discussion of proposal for deprecating old/inactive toolchains
    * which toolchains/versions + motivation
    * procedure: archiving of easyconfigs + clear warning on use

* installing X11 stack as a single module
* via 'bundle of components': * via jhbuild:
    * pros & cons for both approaches

* proposal by Ward to drop Tk from list of dependencies for Python by default * since it requires the whole X11 stack underneath, cause a whole bunch headaches
    * cfr. other projects like Homebrew
* how much impact would this have, due to lack of tcltk support in Python? * is providing a separate easyconfig for Python with Tk sufficient, or do we need something better?

* Q&A

I think we have a pretty full agenda this time, so there may not be a lot of time for additional topics.
However, suggestions are always welcome!

Please let me know if you're planning to attend.

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