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On 08/08/2017 09:15 PM, Kenneth Hoste wrote:
Dear Christian,

I would say this is a bug in the modules tool, not in EasyBuild itself, wouldn't you agree?
Indeed, I do. I was just hoping for a possible work around. (On the respective cluster modules is established for quite a while.) Yet, the move to Lmod is pending - as I have to admit.

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All EasyBuild does is generate a module that includes "prepend-path MANPATH <location>".

If the modules tool does the prepend while not fully honoring the empty value in $MANPATH, there's little EasyBuild can do about this imho...

You may want to look into Lmod [1], a modern modules tool that does the right thing in this situation...




On 08/08/2017 20:56, Christian Meesters wrote:
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upon loading a module (C-Version), a preset variable (e.g. MANPATH) is prepended (depending on the module, of course). This overwrites the empty path, designated by a colon. E.g.:

$ echo $MANPATH

$ man ls # works fine

$ module load tools/parallel/20170622
$ echo $MANPATH

$ man ls # does not work, because the empty path is missing

$ module purge

$ echo $MANPATH

$ man ls # still does not work, leading colon is missing


Now, my question is: Is there a way to ask Easybuild to set up module files, such that leading colons are preserved? If not, would that be worth a feature request?

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