Hi John,

On 28/07/2017 08:42, john.miezi...@tpac.org.au wrote:
I have experienced the same issue installing on Centos 6.7.

I got past this error by manually installing setuptools (version 0.7).
However I still do not have a working easybuild environment and I am not sure
whether it is because of the workaround for setuptools of another issue.

My environment:

The error:
% eb --module-syntax=Tcl --show-config
ERROR: Failed to parse configuration options: 'Generating Lua module files
requires Lmod as modules tool; use --module-syntax to specify a different
module syntax to use (Lua, Tcl)'

This is quite strange, EasyBuild thinks you're still trying to generate Lua module files without using Lmod even though you've configured it with --module-syntax=Tcl?

If this is error is not associated with the setuptools workaround I will
create new thread.

Any advice please?

This looks like an entirely different problem...

The bootstrap issue reported by Clyde was fixed with an update to the bootstrap script, see previous mail in this thread.



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