I have released an improved version of easy_update.  It is available via 
github:  https://github.com/FredHutch/easybuild-life-sciences/   In the Scripts 
directory. The README.md file in the scripts directory is the man page for 
easy_update.  Please file and issue with our repo if you encounter problems.

Many bugs have been fixed and there are a few new features.

--search [package name] easy_update will search a repository for a single 
package on the command line.  The output is in a format that can be cut/pasted 
into and easyconfig file.

--meta Output all metadata about a package from a repository. This is handy for 
debugging issues with a package.

--pyver, --rver, --biocver; These three flag are to be used with the Search 
feature. Either use pyver for PyPi or rver and biocver for searching CRAN and 

At the FredHutch we have combined R packages and BioCondutor packages into a 
single R package. To implement having packages from multiple repositories in 
one easyconfig the variable; biocver must be defined.

I hope you can find this tool useful,

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