The Global Peace Walk, Pathway to Global Peace Zone 2000

By Rev. Yusen Yamato, January 18, 1999, Martin Luther King Birthday Holiday

We are concerned about our future. We are concerned about our human life.

Living on the Globe with All my friends.

On October 10th, 1993, I was invited to join in offering a Memorial Dedication
Ceremony for the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Yerba Buena Gardens
(related article with photo appeared on the front page of the October 11th San
Francisco Examiner). This was the first time for a Buddhist monk to offer an
official prayer ceremony to Dr. King. I sensed that I got transmitted Dr.
King's message and spirit. Then the Great Spirit guided me to initiate a peace
walk named "Global Peace Walk" for the United Nations 50th Anniversary,
starting from the United Nations building in New York City on January 15, 1995
(Dr. King's birthday) to the San Francisco War Memorial Building arriving June
20, 1995, to offer the future generations' prayer of "Global Peace Now!"

Almost 54 years ago the United Nations was founded to "save succeeding
generations from the scourge of war", to promote "universal human rights", and
to fulfill people's dream of "no more war forever". The reality and history
since the foundation of the UN is quite different from what we expected 54
years ago from the original UN Charter. People are suffering more than ever,
and people still practice wars with newer designs of weapons. Why do people
have to suffer this?

If we discuss this question, it is very interesting. I remember my birthplace
in Japan. I was raised in a traditional area where people lived off land and
life. People there practiced an organic macrobiotic farming system, recycling
system, shrine carpentry, and other systems that young people in these days
are only studying about. Our people lived on the same land for more than 700
years, practicing these systems. There was a stream. There were many fish,
insects and stream animals in the stream. Many beautiful cherryblossoms
blessed people every Spring with wonderful flowers. Our people lived in
harmony with nature. Nature provided us with food, clothing and shelter.
Nature and people were very together as one. Our people did not produce any
waste or pollution. I hope that some day people will bring back this knowledge
to our present life.

After World War II, soldiers came to our land with their jackboots pounding.
My grandmother told me then, "soon business people will come to our land to
separate our land and our life". In front of my young innocent eyes, our land
was taken by the new municipal government to build running water systems,
highway systems, subway systems, factories, a hospital, and schools. All my
relatives started to separate as nature was separated from our lives. My
childhood playground, the stream, the mountain, rice fields, vegetable
gardens, cherryblossom gardens, all were disappeared one by one along with the
lights of the fireflies. One by one, all were disappeared from our reality
ground. Later I learned that something very similar to this incident has
occurred across this whole globe. Our land was covered up by a "snowfall of
DDT" for the so-called "clean-up" under martial law and human testing. Our
farming ground became a pesticide test area. Our mountain was cut off to build
a hospital and a school for the so-called "new and better way of life" system.
Our people became ginea-pigs for new medical products. The new education
system separated the children from their parents and grandparents.

Now people would like to go back to nature, but what was once nature has
become a concrete jungle. People would like to have good relations between the
generations, but the "generation gap", between the traditional and modernized
ways of life, is a very long spiritual distance because there is not so much
spiritual connection understanding these days. For the universal human resolve
for "Global Peace Now!", for The Way of Life, and The Tree of Life, I
initiated the Global Peace Walk and still keep going to build an invisible
bridge between past and present and future to protect our land and life.

In 1991, I visited the United Nations with the Hopi (people praying for peace)
prophecy spokesperson, Thomas Banyaca. The Hopi Nation ancestors left a
message that stated that the Hopi would visit the "house of mica" (the
prophesied glasslike building found to be the United Nations) four times, to
open the door of the UN to the Spiritual Message of Peace. Before 1991 Hopi
had tried already three times to open the door of the UN, but the UN did not
communicate with Hopi. Prior to this UN visit with Mr. Banyaca, I pilgrimaged
to India. In India I offered prayers in Leh, Ladakh, and Rajgir. I walked and
prayed in Naranda, Buddha-Gaya, Sarnat, Baishari, and Kushinagar. In
Kushinagar, Namgyo Monastery's monks offered me an invitation to His Holiness
Dalai Lama's Namgyo Monastery in Dharamsala. I honorably met H.H. Dalai Lama
to inform him of Hopi Prophecy. He offered me a message, "Future Generations
must develop a greater sense of global responsibility". Also H.H. Dalai Lama
invited me and the Hopi Prophecy spokesperson, Thomas Banyaca, to the New York
City Central Park Sunrise Ceremony and Kalachakra Ceremony at Madison Square
Garden. This ceremonial event was to fulfill part of both the Hopi Prophecy,
and also the Tibetan Prophecy of "When iron birds fly in the sky and iron
horses run on the land, the Red robe people will spread to the four directions
and then the Dharma will come to the land of the Red people". I was honored to
witness and participate in this spiritual ceremony. After this ceremony Mr.
Banyaca and I, and some representatives from Bahai, went to the UN building.
In front of the entrance of the UN, the first UN secretary was waiting for us
and officially accepted the Hopi Sovereign Nation passport, for the first time
in history. Mr. Banyaca performed sacred ceremony, and he offered the Hopi
message, eagle feather and prayer to the UN. The following year 1992, the UN
invited representatives from many indigenous nations around the world to come
for a conference which turned into the "Beyond Treaty" ceremony during the big
storm of New York City, December 12-13, 1992. In 1993, at the World Indigenous
Conference in the UN, indigenous people accused the spirit of the UN for only
supporting governments. They suggested that the UN support more the survival
of human beings, The Way of Life, and The Tree of Life. I was there to witness
this whole ceremony as an inspiration for the Global Peace Walk of 1995.

After the Cold War ended, many people went to the Berlin Wall to tear down the
wall and to celebrate the unification of East and West. The Global Peace Walk
is praying to bring back knowledge and Wisdom Mind, to develop a Spiritually
United Nations to realize the spiritual unity of all human beings as "One
Mind, many bodies". We must bring back into our daily life the knowledge which
we have hidden in museums and libraries, in order to protect our land and
life! Past, present and future must blend into oneness consciousness, to
recognize that all living beings are all our relations. For this purpose,
Global Peace Walkers are praying to build a peace pagoda (stupa) in front of
the Nevada Nuclear Test Site to stop nuclear testing. Nuclear is against not
only human beings but also all living beings.

Global economy, global network, global environment and global everything;
these days people recognize this global consciousness in many fields. Our
ancestors left a message 700 years ago: "Someday all human beings will
recognize that this globe is our house and our altar. Someday all human beings
must pray for 'Global Peace Now!' ". Our ancestors had a sense of global
responsibility a long time ago. Tribes which have a long history, knowledge,
and culture, must lead our land and life into harmony and balance (Global
Responsibility as Human-being). I have been saying, "living on the globe with
all my friends". If all human beings develop consciousness up to this level,
this whole globe would become a Global Peace Zone. Global problems and chaos
will be once and for all diminished when people open up The Mind, to change
consciousness and thereby find useful applications of the emptiness mind
energy (High-Techno-Zero-Energy).

All of the problems we face were created by human beings, and only we can
solve these problems. Nothing else can. There are many organizations around
this globe, but people must recognize that this globe itself is the original
and only organization that we truly belong to. The globe is One and the truth
is One. Future generations' only mission is to bring back this truth once
again to rediscover this globe. Every one of us is the center of the universe
and this globe. Nature is the place where one can pursue truth and where one
finds oneself. If humanity lives in harmony with nature, all land will become
eternal land. The Global Peace Walk uses right foot and left foot, and prays
for "Global Peace Now!" to live in oneness with all living beings. This is our
goal as human beings.

Since 1995 the Global Peace Walk has received letters of support from mayors,
governors, senators, the President and Vice President, the US representative
to the UN, a federal prisoner, Native Americans, and many religious
organizations. We received an invitation to the opening ceremony for the Peace
Museum in Bethlehem, Palestine, for the Bethlehem 2000 observances. In
April,1995, we received an official Mayoral proclamation designating Taos, NM,
to be a "Global Peace Zone". Also, in January, 1997, we received the Global
Peace Zone Proclamation from San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. In the Fall of
1997, we celebrated the "Summer of Love 30th Anniversary" in Golden Gate Park.
In the Fall of 1998, we brought an American Indian medicine man as a global
peace ambassador to Japan. We performed sacred ceremony at several spiritual
sites in Japan. In the near future we would like to communicate with the mayor
of San Francisco's sister city of Osaka, Japan, for a Global Peace Zone sister
city project. 

I feel it is a miracle that I live today. Everything is possible in these
times. On April 22, 1999, in Taos, NM, (the spinal cord of this continent)
there will be the annual Global Peace Walk. As a human-being, I pray for
people's support for the peace walk to succeed. 

"Climb up to the mountain, 
then listen to the pine needles' voice, 
that is our ancestor's voice saying...
'Humanity must live in the peaceful Way of Life'".

Sincerely, for Global Peace Now!

Rev. Yusen Yamato, Global Peace Walk Initiator 

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