Dear ecologists,

Following the initial invitation, this email is to let you know that we have extended the deadline to participate in the third round to identify "50 fundamental questions in island biology”. The survey will now close late*Monday September 19th ***(23:59 pm)*.*Many thanks to those who have participated.

To take the survey, please use the following link:

We thank you so much in advance for taking part in the last voting of our initiative, and we look forward to receiving your crucial contribution to define the future research priorities in island biology.

Yours sincerely,

The 50 fundamental questions in island biology working group:

Jairo Patiño, Robert J. Whittaker, Paulo A.V. Borges, Jose M. Fernandez-Palacios, Claudine Ah-Peng, Miguel Araujo, Sergio Avila, Erick de Boer, Pedro Cardoso, Josselin Cornuault, Lea de Nascimento, Artur Gil, Aaron Gonzalez, Daniel Gruner, Ana Guida Santos, Ruben Heleno, Joaquin Hortal, Juan Carlos Illera, Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury, Tom Matthews, Anna Papadopoulou, Nathalie Pettorelli, Jonathan Price, Manuel Steinbauer, Kostas Triantis, Luis Valente, Pablo Vargas, Patrick Weigelt, Brent Emerson

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