The Nicholas School exec ed program at Duke University if offering two 
non-credit online courses this fall open to natural resource managers, 
professionals, and students.  Introduction to Environmental Social Marketing 
Strategy will run October 3 - November 18, 2016.  This online course provides 
an intermediate-level focus on environmental social marketing strategies. 
Students will focus in detail on how to plan and implement a social marketing 
strategy, using 3-5 topics within social marketing.

The Marine Planning Advancement Training is offered October 10 - December 16, 
2016.  Learn global best practices and essential skills in marine planning, a 
core component of the 2010 U.S. National Ocean Policy. This interactive 
curriculum is designed for professionals with interest in coastal and oceans 
management at all experience levels.

Registration and scholarship information for both courses is available at and questions can be directed 
to<> or @DEL_Duke.  Hope to 
see you in class!

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