Drones for Data Capture (Beginner) Workshop

Join us for this two-day workshop at the Blue Oak Ranch Reserve in California. 
Your course fee 
includes meals and basic accommodations for the day and a half class.  Course 
participation is 
limited to 16.  

WHERE: Blue Oak Ranch Reserve 
WHEN: October 3-4, 2016
COST: $295 plus PayPal fees. (+ $8.86)
APPLY HERE: http://www.cloudd8ta.com/training/
CLASS SIZE: 16 students

WORKSHOP SUMMARY: The Drones for Data Capture Workshop has been built from best 
and is designed to provide essential aeronautical information and skills to use 
drones for aerial 
photography, videography, mapping and data capture specifically geared towards 
scientists. No prior drone experience required and drones are provided for use 
during the course.

- Safety concerns, laws and ethics related to drones
- Drone hardware and mechanics
- Flight dynamics
- Preflight checklists
- Safely fly and land a drone (using Parrot Bebop 2)
- Plan autonomous missions.
- Use the Pix4D Capture app for nadir, oblique and free flight missions.
- Pix4D Mapper basics for creating orthomosaics and 3D models.

IN-HOUSE TRAINING OPTIONS? Contact me (gregory.crutsin...@parrot.com) if you 
are interested in 
a drone workshop for your lab group or department.

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