Hello, Ecolog-L community,

This is a 2nd and final reminder to assist SCB’s Diet, Health, and
Conservation working group (DHC) by taking a *brief, anonymous* survey
querying the extent the international conservation community recognizes
linkages between diet, health, and biodiversity conservation. DHC members
hope to stimulate dialogue, action, and our own leadership within the
conservation community to positively and durably impact biodiversity
management through food systems.

Please follow this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DHCwg_SCB to take
the survey.

Help us learn from one another, and shape DHC's next few years. We want to
make a difference.

Thank you!

*Christa Rose*
*Native Species Support*
Wildlife Biologist, Vegan, Owner

*Stewardship for a Sustainable Earth* SM
*Steward Our Planet. Steward Yourself.* SM

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