DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA) opportunity. YFAs is an accolade, but at its 
core is a 2-year grant for ~$500K to faculty who are 8 or less years into their 

Please note topic #s 12 ("Ecological niche-preference Engineering) and 16 
("Novel Approaches to Reduce Agricultural Loss and Increase Crop 
Productivity"). This grant is a great opportunity to get kinda "out there" work 

>From now until 1 November interested parties can submit short summaries that 
>will get a "thumbs up/down" to help them move forward or not with their idea. 
>After that proposals will open up and will be due on 18 January 2017.

Follow this 
 ) to a PDF of the announcement and the supplementary materials.

For additional information, contact:

Jamin Dreyer, PhD
Strategic Analysis, Inc.
Staff Scientist
703 797 2265

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